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Prepping another listing to hit the market next week. This one is going to be a mind-blowing deal for the new buyer. You just don’t find the quality of upgrades and size this home has in Brentwood for $505,000

We don’t just put a sign in the ground and hope. We strategically market our seller’s home regularly bringing them multiple offers and top dollar. 

To learn more about how we do it, check out 

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The home selling market has heated up in March! More sellers are ready to sell and buyers are back in droves taking advantage of lower interest rates. There is a big difference between REALTORS and what the end result they will get for you. Let me show you why we outperform the market. Just remember the end result is not fixed, who you pick as your agent will make all the difference. 


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When it comes to selling your home, you shouldn't rely on traditional methods and leave the marketing of your home to an iPhone and the MLS. We have spent the last few years perfecting a new way to market homes for sell drawing more interest, offers and in turn a higher selling price. Take a few minutes to let me show you how.


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Yesterday I was reminded why I leave my family and travel across the country to Washington D.C. every year. It was a super busy day where I spent my afternoon working on Capitol Hill and in the congressional offices of our U.S. House of Representatives Congress Members. Our goals were simple. We wanted Net Neutrality to be brought back into law. We wanted the Fair Housing laws covered under the Civil Rights Acts to be amended so to cover for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity And we want to amend the tax code to eliminate the marriage penalty under the new state and local tax code, married couples are penalized.  

I spoke on behalf of the National Association of REALTORS with Congressman Eric Swalwell about HR 1447 which would amend the Fair

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It’s getting harder and harder to leave my family for these trips. This morning as my kids left to school tears ran down my face. Good thing my “why” is fully defined or else I’d be lost. My “why” is my kids and preserving the opportunity for them to live in a safe place with a roof over their heads.

Between lobbying for Homeownership, Private Property rights and helping shape the real estate industry, it’s going to be a busy week. I’ll work somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 hrs before I return home late Saturday.

As much as I hate leaving my family I have a gift and an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by the best volunteer leaders in the world who are also leaving their families and businesses

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Watch my short video explaining how we use 3D Virtual Tours to Create a Love Affair with Your Property.

A few years back while at the Inman real estate conference I came across this crazy looking camera. This camera made by Matterport was supposedly capable of turning an entire home into one smooth 3-d virtual walkthrough. It honestly was hard to wrap my head around for a moment. After watching the tour being demonstrated I was hooked. 

The only problem? We didn't have the almost $5,000 it was selling for. How do you justify spending that kind of money on a camera was the average REALTOR® uses an old iPhone to photograph and sell the house?  

Actually pretty it easily. Hell never in my life have I been motivated to be average. I've always wanted to be the…
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