Busy on Capitol Hill!

Posted by Nick Solis on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 at 1:23pm.

Yesterday I was reminded why I leave my family and travel across the country to Washington D.C. every year. It was a super busy day where I spent my afternoon working on Capitol Hill and in the congressional offices of our U.S. House of Representatives Congress Members. Our goals were simple. We wanted Net Neutrality to be brought back into law. We wanted the Fair Housing laws covered under the Civil Rights Acts to be amended so to cover for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity And we want to amend the tax code to eliminate the marriage penalty under the new state and local tax code, married couples are penalized.  

I spoke on behalf of the National Association of REALTORS with Congressman Eric Swalwell about HR 1447 which would amend the Fair Housing Act under the Civil Rights Act of 1968 to include Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation as protected classes under the act.

I strongly encouraged him to vote yes and use his influence in his caucus to encourage others to vote yes as well. It's time for all to be covered and afforded the opportunity to put a safe roof over their head.

Being a REALTOR is way more than just helping people buy and sell homes. We have a duty to our community and are your advocates for private property rights. For me it’s not enough to spend my time trying to sell more homes or find more clients. Instead I spend hundreds of hours a year volunteering my time to serving my community as an advocate for good public policy and private property rights. Why? Because housing is one of the most basic tenets of life if we can’t create an environment where people have reasonable access to housing we can't thrive as a society. Who would ever buy a home if the government could just come and take it?  Who would be able to own a home if there wasn't access to mortgages?

The answer is far fewer if anyone would. This is why it matters. My immigrant family was able to build a life here for my parents, their siblings and now my generation because they were able to become homeowners creating stability and wealth..


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