Today more than ever, the biggest and most important piece to selling your home is how it is marketed. Now ask yourself. "Do I want top dollar?" If that answer is yes, you must have a REALTOR® and company that are leaders in marketing. You can't afford to hire a buddy or a family member who dabbles in real estate. Hiring the wrong agent can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

 We pride ourselves on strategy and transparency. Here is a dive into how we will sell your home for top dollar.

 We start every listing with our proprietary 10 step listing blueprint. This process guarantees that each home is marketed in a unique way to as many willing and able buyers in your price range and uses over 50 years of collective real estate experience as we collaborate as a team to creating your winning strategy.

 To create an emotional attachment with the prospective buyers, we use High-Resolution Sexy Photography. That’s right, sexy. If you have seen one toilet with the seat up, you have seen them all. We focus on finding the sexiest and most attractive features and attributes of your home.

 We also use next generation technology to provide a full 3D scan of your home, allowing homebuyers to virtually walk through your home on any smart device. After the photography makes people become emotionally attached, this 3D technology makes people excited to see it in person as fast as possible so they can seal the deal.

 We use Zillow to market your home in a Coming Soon status for typically 3-5 days before it goes on the market. We do that for a few reasons. First and foremost, it takes a few days to create the marketing collateral for your home. We create a custom property website using our leading One80 developed website marketing platform. These sites can sell for as much $1000 each so they take time to develop. We also create full color, high-end multiple page brochures for every listing for the box on the sign; we pride ourselves on keeping that box full, too.

Second, people want what they can't have. As we are preparing the marketing materials, interest is being garnered and expectations are being set in the listing date, open house dates and lastly, how we will be receiving and reviewing offers. We are pushing out beautiful and sexy marketing pieces on social media and all across the web.

 We always want to put your home on the market midweek and with all of the marketing ready and in place. You would never recommend a friend that is going on a first date to look like a slob. So why would you want the package that your home is being marketed in looking beat down and weak? It's like trying to sell a luxury watch in a brown paper sandwich bag.

 As your home hits the market, the pent up demand is released. Our goal would be to have pre-scheduled showings as well as new showing requests the day it hits the market.

 With pre-planned and marketed Open House date for your house that is ideally that first Saturday and Sunday, we know that there will be traffic at your Open House.  We want people to schedule to see the home right when it hits the market; we also want them to know if they want to wrap this up before the flood gates from the open house traffic, they need to write a strong and compelling offer. If they don't, their client will likely to be in a multiple offers situation and price bid up.

 Using creativity, impeccable marketing, and crafted negotiation skills, we will harness all of the momentum that has been created and do our best to get you top dollar and more!